Children Mediation

Children Mediation is a quick and effective way of resolving disputes which arise from relationship breakdown.  With the help of a qualified specialist mediators clients can achieve agreement on all issues in dispute. Children Mediation can be used whether you were married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting.

Whenever a couple separate and there are children involved there are important decisions to be made about the children’s futures.

It is well documented that children caught up in the conflict which can arise on a relationship breakdown can be damaged by it.  This can be made worse by long running conflicts.

Mediation can be used to resolve all issues relating to the children, quickly and relatively cheaply.  These issues may include: –

Our Children Mediation Service

After contacting our service you will be offered a one to one initial assessment meeting.  Once your case has been assessed as being suitable for mediation, sessions are normally conducted with both clients present in the room.  Occasionally mediation takes place with clients in separate rooms and this is something we would discuss with you at your assessment meeting. The sessions are structured to allow clients to be able to communicate effectively and negotiate an outcome which is satisfactory to both clients.

Sometimes if it is appropriate we can arrange for a specially trained child mediator to meet with your child or children so that their views can be taken into account when decisions are made about them.  This is known as direct child consultation.  It depends on the age of the children and the issues in dispute.  We will discuss this option with you at the start of the process.  There is no obligation to use this option but it is available should it be appropriate in your case.

Once agreement is reached, this can be drawn up into a mediation agreement, also known as a Memorandum of Understanding.

How much does Children Mediation Cost?

Mediation is a cost effective alternative to court proceedings.  Legal aid is available for those on a low wage.  For further details and to find out if you qualify for Legal Aid please see our Free Family Mediation via Legal Aid page.

If you do not qualify for Legal Aid we are still able to provide fixed fee Family Mediation services at competitive rates. For further details of our charges please see our Fees and Funding page.

Starting Children Mediation

Our specialist Family Mediation Solicitors are able to offer fast initial assessment meetings and prompt mediation sessions following the initial assessment meetings. We are able to see clients at any of our offices including Romford, Grays, Kentish Town and Barking and offer out of hours appointments for private clients.

Call our Family Mediation Solicitors now on 0844 800 9860 for a free telephone consultation or request a call back through this website.


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