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Welcome to Sternberg Reed

We are one of the largest firms in London and Essex, offering family services for the past 40 years. We aim to provide exceptional customer service, which is tailored to the needs of our clients. Whether you need a quick straightforward divorce or are involved in a complicated financial dispute, we can help.

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Family Law Updates

Remote hearings – here to stay?
The Government’s ‘lock-down’ has, of course, had a significant impact on the court system. On 1st July 2020, the Court Service announced that the use of the Cloud Video Platform, which has been used in the Crown Magistrates’ Courts, would be extended to the Civil courts. There has been discussion and debate over the ability of the court to extend hours and open new court sites in order to deal with the volume of cases. At Sternberg Reed we have dealt, and are currently dealing with, with a number of remote hearings and are well adapted to this new way of ‘attendance’ at trial. Therefore, when faced with this likelihood of remote hearings becoming the new norm, you can be confident in our ability to handle all cases efficiently.

No Fault Divorce
The no-fault divorce bill has passed its third reading in the House of Commons, and is now to now be considered by the House of Lords. It is anticipated that it will become part of our law by Autumn 2021. This is a long-awaited development in family law, with the consequence being that those wanting a divorce will no longer have to rely on one of five ‘facts’; adultery, unreasonable behaviour, two years separation with consent of the other party, five years separation and desertion. Instead, it will only be necessary to demonstrate that the marriage has irretrievably broken down – which will hopefully remove the ‘blame game’ often resulting from having to choose one of the aforementioned ‘facts’. This provides divorcing couples with a better chance at resolving matters amicably, allowing focus on important aspects of their relationship such as any children.

Online Divorce Procedure
Effective use of online technology has never been more important, and here at Sternberg Reed we recognise that incorporating this into our work is crucial in providing you with excellent legal advice. That is why we welcome the online divorce procedure, which is often much quicker than the traditional paper method. Our solicitors can guide you through the online divorce process, to ensure each step is carried out accurately and promptly.


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