Change of Name for Children

A child’s name is clearly important as it is part of the child’s identity, especially their surname. It can be simple to change your child’s name but this matter can become complicated if parents are separated and one parent wishes to change the child’s surname.  Whether they can do so depends on if they have parental responsibility for that child.

The parent with parental responsibility has the right to change their child’s name without the other parent’s consent if they do not have parental responsibility.  However it is accepted practice and a parent could be criticised if they did not seek the other parent’s consent to change the child’s name.  A solicitor would normally contact the absent parent in this situation.

Where both parents have parental responsibility, if one parent wishes to change the child’s surname then there has to be consent from the other.  Again a solicitor will write to the parent asking for the consent and if this is given a Change of Name Deed can be prepared.  If the parents cannot agree on the child’s change of name then an application will have to be made to the Court for a decision on what the child should be called.

Our Name Change Service for Children
We are experienced family law specialists in disputes concerning children and we can advise on the details of the options available to parents in these circumstances.  We can also advise you on whether a parent has parental responsibility or not.

A person who is aged over 16 does not need their parents’ consent to change their name.

We can prepare a child’s Change of Name Deed document and send one letter to the absent parent asking for their consent for a one off fee of £75 + VAT. If the absent parent does not agree then a further fee will be required, depending on the level of work to be undertaken. We will advise you of this in advance of the work being carried out.

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