Change of Name for Adults

You do not need to follow any legal procedure in order to change your name. You may call yourself whatever you choose as long as you are not defrauding anyone. This may cause you practical difficulties for example you may need to produce a document in order to obtain a passport or driving licence and those organisations that issue these documents may require evidence in writing that you have changed your name.

You may also prove your change of name by producing a marriage or civil partnership certificate, decree absolute or certificate of dissolution of civil partnership.  You should keep these documents alongside your birth certificate.

Our Name Change Service

We can help prepare a Change of Name Deed document for you for a fixed fee of £75 plus VAT.

If you are thinking of using this method you should find out whether the organisations you would like to advise of your Change of Name will accept this as evidence.

We can also help prepare a Change of Name Deed Poll which has to be signed in the presence of two witnesses and the witnesses have to give their names, addresses and occupations.  This can be enrolled at the Central Office of the Supreme Court. A fee is payable to the Court to do this. Only British citizens who are permanently resident in the UK are entitled to enrol a Deed Poll.

We can prepare this document for you and lodge the document at the Central Office of the Supreme Court for a fixed fee of £300 + VAT. In addition to this you will also need to pay the Court fee required upon the lodgement of this document with the Central Office of the Supreme Court.

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