Care and Supervision Orders

If you have children and the Local Authority’s Social Services Department is involved with your family because of concerns that your children are at risk, then we can help you.

Social Services can be involved with families on many different levels, for many different reasons and as a parent you may or may not agree with the Local Authority’s concerns or the way in which they are treating you and your family.  The earlier you obtain legal advice, the sooner you will be able to make informed decisions about your children and how best to keep your family together.

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Care Orders

A Care Order is an order which gives a Local Authority parental responsibility for a child. It does not automatically mean that the child is removed from his/her parents. The Local Authority shares parental responsibility with anyone else who has it. This means the Local Authority has a duty to consult and work with the other person or persons holding parental responsibility.

In the event of disagreement, it is the Local Authority’s view that has priority. The Local Authority can, for example, insist that a child lives away from the parent’s home if there is a care order in force.

Interim Care Orders

An interim care order is a temporary order, which lasts for a limited time or until the end of proceedings.  In the same way as a care order, it confers parental responsibility to the Local Authority to enable it to decide where your children will live on an interim basis.

Supervision Orders 

A Supervision Order does not give the Local Authority parental responsibility.  However, it does enable a Local Authority to befriend, advise and assist a child for a set period of time which can be extended up to a maximum duration of 3 years on repeat application by the Local Authority. Part of befriending and assisting a child usually involves a social worker making announced and unannounced visits to your property. The court can also make interim Supervision Orders until a final decision in care proceedings is made.

Our Service

We can help you if the Local Authority considers your children to be children in need; if they are subject to a child protection plan, or are going to be made subject to a child protection plan and if the Local Authority is applying to court to obtain a court order in respect of  your children.

We offer free initial telephone consultations for all our clients and are able to provide free Legal Aid for many of our services. Please call our specialist Child Law Solicitors now on 0844 800 9860 or contact us online for advice.


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